Fender JV ST57-115 1982

Fender JV ST57-115

1982 Fender JV ST57-115 vintage Japanese stratocaster, $3,300.  $500 reduction, now only $2,800

Another guitar that is incredibly difficult to find, especially in this condition and all original. She came from a collector in Japan.

The Fender JV ST57 115 is the flagship vintage Fender JV guitar.  This one is a first issue JV strat, meaning its the most collectible and sought-after. She’s in magnificent condition, has an alder body and nitrocellulose (nitro) lacquer finish.
Only the top of the line 115 models used original
USA Fender parts: Sprague orange cap, CTS pots, steel trem block, Fender USA made alnico pickups, 3 way CRL switch, electronics, hardware, and pickguard.
Many consider this guitar to be the best strat ever made (and closest to the vintage specs). In my experience, only a Tokai ST-100 or some of Fender’s Custom Shop guitars are comparable.

Just an amazing all-around strat. I have several, and need to reduce duplication in the collection. Until you’ve played one of these, you have no idea what a stratocaster should play and sound like.

To give you an example of how great this guitar is (better than the American version), here is a documented quote from the head of Fender Marketing when they toured the Japanese Fender factory:

Dan Smith, Director of Marketing, Fender Electric Guitars : “Everybody came up to inspect them and the guys almost cried, because the Japanese  product was so good – it was what we had been having a hell of a time trying to do.”

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