Tokai Reborn Old LS-120 1980

A very rare guitar: 1980 Tokai LS120 Reborn Old SOLD to Peter in Australia.

1980-1982 were the golden years for the Japanese brands like Tokai, Greco, etc, also referred to as “pre-lawsuit”. Tokai Love Rocks are easier to find than a Reborn Old, so this is a particularly rare bird. The Tokai Reborn Old was only produced for 6 months in the first half of 1980. It features a one piece back,
fret edge binding, nitro cellulose (nitro) lacquer finish, and Brazilian rosewood fretboard.

This guitar came from Villager, one of the best known vintage Japanese guitar dealers. It cost me about $3525 to get it here.

Incredible guitar. It would never be sold but I have some LS200s, so I need to reduce duplication in my collection. She had a sister, which Jeff from the MyLesPaul forum is now the happy owner of.

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