Yamaha SBG2000 (SG2000) in tobacco

My 1982 Yamaha SBG2000 electric guitar. SOLD to Mark in FL. Enjoy!

These guitars are also known as a Yamaha SG2000. Yamaha designated guitars for the US market as SBG instead of SG to avoid problems with Gibson.

If you’ve done your homework, you know this is one of the best guitars ever made, period. Think Carlos Santana! It has a nitro cellulose lacquer finish (nitro), an ebony fingerboard, coil taps – so you can get ripping humbucker sounds, and switch to a single-coil strat sound by pushing the taps. The Yamaha SBG2000 is a neck-thru guitar, which gives it unbeatable sustain. It also has a special sustain block bridge, which further adds to the sustain. The SBG2000 and SBG3000 were the top of the line, do not confuse them with lower numbered models. The SBG3000 is the same guitar as the SBG2000 with much  fancier inlays and binding, but without the sustain block bridge of the SBG2000.

This one comes with the original case. It has 1 ding on the rear upper horn as seen in the picture. It has some light scratching on the back, and the gold hardware has some tarnishing. For a 30+ year old guitar, it is in wonderful shape, sounds AMAZING, and plays like a dream.

If you keep clicking on a picture, it will get higher and higher resolution.








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