Yamaha SA2000 Sunburst modded

The 1981 Yamaha SA-2000 was the top of the line Gibson 335 style guitar by Yamaha during the Japanese vintage guitar lawsuit era. The SA stands for SuperAxe. $990.
There are holes on the front of the guitar where someone had dip switches at one point. It does not affect the sound or playability. The guitar has been refretted, and there is very little wear on the new frets. The tuners were replaced. The wiring has been upgraded, it has a Tonepros bridge installed, the pickups were replaced with Gibson 57 Classics, and it has a new Gibson 335 case. The upgrades/refretting alone were around $600. This guitar would be close to $2,000 if in mint condition, so its very affordable for people who want the best possible 335 semi-hollow body guitar without breaking the bank. I sold my Gibson 335s once I played this guitar. It sounds killer.

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