For sale: Fender JV ST57-115 Candy Apple Red!

SOLD to Ben, a super nice guy. Enjoy!

MEGA RARE Fender JV ST57-115 vintage Japanese stratocaster, in Candy Apple Red!

She even includes the factory paperwork, tags, and manual!!

Usually I only buy guitars that are in 9/10 condition or better. When this one became available from a private collection in Japan, I had to have her, even though she’s an 8/10 condition wise. Candy Apple Red 115s NEVER are available! Never!

A Fender JV ST57 115 is the flagship vintage Fender JV guitar.  She’s in very good condition, has an alder body and nitrocellulose (nitro) lacquer finish.

There are minor bumps and bruises, but nothing that you can see from the audience.  See the high-res pictures to see what I mean.

Only top of the line Fender 115 models used original USA Fender parts:
For example: Sprague orange cap, CTS pots, steel tremelo block, Fender USA made alnico pickups, 3 way CRL switch, electronics, hardware, and pickguard.

A lot of people consider this guitar to be the best strat ever made since the 60s (and closest to vintage specs). If you need Fender on the headstock, in my experience with hundreds of guitars, only Fender’s Master Built ($6K!!) guitars are comparable.

She sounds heavenly. Sustain, resonance, everything you could want in an instrument.  Until you’ve played one of these, you have no idea what a stratocaster should play and sound like.

To give you an example of how great this guitar is (better than the American version), here is a documented quote from the head of Fender Marketing when they toured the Japanese Fender factory at the time this guitar was made:

Dan Smith, Director of Marketing, Fender Electric Guitars : “Everybody came up to inspect them and the guys almost cried, because the Japanese  product was so good – it was what we had been having a hell of a time trying to do.”


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