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Cool Japanese Guitars


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Cool American Vintage Guitars


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New Grover Jackson USA GJ2 Concorde 5 Star

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

My friend Jim is selling this AWESOME guitar at an unbeatable price. Tell him Ed from MyCoolGuitars says hi, and he will hook you up with a killer deal! If you were to buy this guitar from a dealer, you’d have to pay over $250 in tax. Buy from Jim and save. Jim is the highest feedback seller of guitars on Ebay. He sold over 5 million dollars worth of guitars in the last 6 years, so you know he has the best guitars at the best prices.

Save 10% on this guitar by contacting Jim directly at the email below instead of ebay:



New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

The specs on this killer guitar are as follows:


  • 3-piece maple “neck-thru body” construction
  • Basswood “wings” for light weight and strong resonance
  • 25.5” scale length
  • Ebony fingerboard with 10”-14” compound radius
  • “Ivoroid” fingerboard binding
  • original Floyd Rose tremelo system
  • black hardware
  • Pearl “Concorde” fingerboard inlays
  • 2 x “Habanero™” classic humbucking pickups
  • All the case candy is included, such as a garment leather G2 strap, G2 trademarked blue case by G&G cases of Los Angeles, whammy bar, G2 guitar picks, etc!
  • Certificate signed by Grover Jackson himself on Dec 12, 2012!

Grover Jackson is legendary in the guitar world, developing innovations that changed the guitar world. Read further down to see more on Grover.

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

Here is a link to the Ebay ad for the guitar, with TONS of high-resolution pictures:

Gj2 strap

Jim says:

GJ2 is Grover Jackson’s new venture into the high end guitar market and these things are awesome! It takes a lot of self-control to not keep one of these for myself.
New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

This sale is for the guitar pictured. A Conconde 5 Star in with it’s case and everything pictured. Not the scale, not the backdrop…but everything else.
This guitar is new but like anything handmade tiny flaws can be found if you really look. I noticed several small finish flaws which I pictured and captioned towards the very end. These are not dings.
New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

Plays and sounds great. No issues. This is simply an amazing guitar.
Check out the pics.
Will be super well packed. Double boxed with enough bubble wrap to make a bed out of.
We include a great many pictures in our listings so the buyer can see EXACTLY what they are getting.
New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

Our guitars are as described so please look carefully at the pictures. Often something that looks like a flaw is dust or a reflection. Also keep in mind that close up pictures can make a tiny flaw look much worse and even completely normal things look strange.
New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

When was the last time you stared at a guitar from 3 inches away?  All used guitars will look worse with close up pictures. Our new guitars are indeed new so if you see something strange it is almost certainly not really there. If you have questions ask. These guitars pretty much always look MUCH better in real life!!! 
New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

New GJ2 Concorde 5 Star bi Grover Jackson USA

About GJ2 guitars (from the website):

With GJ2 Guitars, Grover Jackson is back. After 35 years of experience and experimentation, he’s still pushing the limits of what a great guitar can be, as only Grover can.

Now reinventing himself and his craft yet again as GJ2 Guitars, Grover and his business partner, Jon Gold (a lifelong guitarist and enthusiast who most recently served as Sr. VP of International Sales and Marketing at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation) are redefining the modern electric guitar.

A partial list of G2 innovations:
A new neck-through heel design with improved access.Unlike most manufacturers who buy parts and complete sub-assemblies from a small group of the same suppliers, GJ2 makes everything they can, not just the wood parts, but pickups, pickup rings, back plates, ergonomically designed knobs and more.“Invisible binding” is a new look that ads beauty and value to the instruments.
A pioneer of the compound radius neck, GJ2 has developed a new production method that creates a more accurate geometry for even smoother bends without “choking.”GJ2 has developed an improved process of producing the three-piece neck-through-body core.And more…

History of Grover Jackson, a guitar making legend:


For guitarists, the early 1970s was a time of great enthusiasm and grass roots innovation. At the same time, the big companies like Gibson and Fender were under new corporate management and growing more and more disengaged from players’ wants and needs. Arguably, this period was the low point of American factory guitar making – out of touch manufacturers skimping on quality and not understanding the sounds and features players desired from their instruments. Also, it was during this time that terms like “Pre-CBS” and “Vintage” began to take hold as a way of describing a group of instruments with magical properties… both real and imagined.

All of these factors fomented the environment for a cadre of small businesses that specialized in improving and modifying current guitars, and restoring or customizing earlier ones. This was a time before you could buy replacement or hot-rod parts… everything had to be made from scratch! Many of these trailblazers and their products are known to this day, names like Carl Thompson, Bill Lawrence, Charles LoBue (The Guitar Lab), Dan Armstrong, DiMarzio, Charvel and Jackson.

Charvel opened his self-named, So-Cal guitar repair shop in 1974. The shop performed aftermarket customizations and sold parts such as replacement bodies, pickguards and jack plates. Business was good, but he was looking for a way out, so in 1978, with money borrowed from his parents, Grover Jackson bought the repair shop business.

Grover continued to expand the shop’s product line and in 1979 began making guitar necks for other companies such as BC Rich, DiMarzio, Music Man, SD Curlee and Mighty Mite. Grover looked around and saw what amounted to a complete “guitar kit” of his own parts made for others. He then made the decision to build guitars under his own name — Grover Jackson’s Charvel guitars were introduced at the 1979 Summer NAMM Show.

It was at this point that advancements such as bolt-on 22 fret necks, hum-single-single, single hum, and hum-single-hum pickup arrays with a single volume control started to gain traction. Outrageous paint jobs inspired by the custom car industry also became popular.

By the late ’70s, Grover’s instruments, with their flat-radius, unfinished or oiled necks and large fret wire had become synonymous with the rising trend of shredding. As shredding progressed into the 1980s, his guitars could be seen in the hands of players like Steve Vai, Jake E. Lee, Warren DeMartini and George Lynch. But they weren’t restricted to metal players… Fusion stalwarts Allan Holdsworth, Bill Connors and Steve Khan played these very same instruments. In the late ‘80s Jeff Beck exclaimed, “These guitars made me want to start playing again!”

As time progressed, new models were introduced, and by 1987 Guitar Player Magazine proclaimed these new instruments, irrespective of their particular profile “Super-Strats.” Indeed, many took the form of streamlined versions of Fender’s venerable model, but more often than not, the shapes were swept away, downsized and mutated until only a vague family resemblance was all that harkened back to the original inspiration.

As a guitarist himself, Grover was always interested in input and comments directly from players, and many guitar models were originally done as special custom projects, where he worked one-on-one with their namesakes. One particular vision came to be one day in 1980. Originally called The Concorde, the Randy Rhoads model was the result of a marathon session that started with an outline drawn on a napkin, and ended 12-hours later with what has become one of the most unique and identifiable guitar designs – ever! Originally meant to be a Charvel, the neck-thru construction and radical styling of the Randy Rhoads seemed to beg for its own identity beyond that of the current offerings, it was at this moment that Jackson Guitars was born.

The dam was burst and the Randy Rhoads model was followed by the Soloist, the Kelly, King V and more. With respect to what was called a Charvel and what was called a Jackson, from 1982 through 1986 all bolt-on instruments were branded “Charvel” and all neck-through instruments carried the “Jackson” brand.

In 1985, Grover Jackson sold the business to International Music Co. (IMC), a distributor of various brands of music-related products. IMC folded the Charvel and Jackson product lines into one homogeneous grouping with little to distinguish the two brands.  In a story that has been repeated many times over, after an initial boost under IMC, Charvel and Jackson, the brands and the instruments, started a long swoon towards irrelevancy. Disenchanted with what the brands had become and foreseeing the inevitable, Grover left the company.

All but abandoned, in the fall of 2002, Fender Musical Instruments Company (FMIC) purchased Jackson/Charvel at a “fire sale” price. Under FMIC, Jackson/Charvel has remained in what can be described as an ‘80s time warp. Rather than go back to the custom, hot-rodded roots, the current line is fairly indistinguishable from what was being offered some 30 years ago. What was once a firebrand of innovation; sleek, highly tuned precision-machined tools, are now more like artifacts frozen in a bygone era.

Here is an article that appeared in Premiere Guitar about Grover Jackson releasing the Concorde at the Randy Rhoads book launch:

GJ2 Release New “Concorde” Model at Randy Rhoads Book Launch

Grover Jackson revisited his design history to create a new model paying tribute to the past but made with the latest advances in guitar manufacture.

Laguna Hills, CA (September 14, 2012) – GJ2, the new guitar brand founded by Grover Jackson and Jon Gold released a new model at the prestigious Hollywood launch of a new book honoring the life of guitar icon Randy Rhoads. As many people know, the Jackson brand was founded after Randy visited Grover Jackson and they worked together to create one of the most recognizable guitar models ever made. Grover Jackson has now revisited his design history to create a new model paying tribute to the past but made with the latest advances in guitar manufacture.The Concorde has a neck through body construction and features “Habanero” pickups and most components made in house including the unique, ergonomic “flying saucer” control knobs. The first 10 of these guitars are “Collectors Editions” featuring gold hardware at no extra charge and copy of the book “Randy Rhoads” signed by the authors, Steven Rosen and Andrew Klein as well as Grover Jackson. The guitars come with GJ2’s trademark blue cases.The launch took place at “Book Soup” a renowned specialist retailer in Hollywood and the first prototype of the Concorde was given to lucky raffle winner Mick Zane of the metal band “Malice”.


(Jim also has a black Concorde, as well as the GJ2 Arete in rosewood as well as walnut!)

More pics of this GREAT guitar for sale:

G2 candyDSC_0243DSC_0244

LOTS of information on guitar construction, MIJ guitars, etc

Thank you to everyone emailing me information to add to the guitar collecting repository. There are articles, catalogs, etc pertaining to everything from guitar construction, vintage japanese guitars, determining if you have Brazilian rosewood, to model histories of various guitars.

Momose MST2-TW/NJ LTD Stratocaster

Momose Custom Craft Guitars MST2-TW/NJ LTD Stratocaster with Thermowood neck


Suggested retail price

NJ · · · ¥ 241,500 (tax included)

M · · · ¥ 231,000 (tax included)

※ Gold parts \ 5,250 yen up



SCALE 25.5inch
CONTROLS 1Vol, 2Tone, 5Way PU Selector
STRINGS Elixir NANOWEB Light (.010 – .046)


More Images

 image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Thermo Wood Specifications Product

Thermo Wood is a wood that was heat-treated at a temperature of 180 ~ 240 ℃.




The input to the timber device for performing a high-temperature treatment in an oxygen-free environment. The heat treatment is performed while adding water vapor. The dimensional stability, durability can be improved has been observed wood that has been heat-treated at high temperature.


This technology was born in Finland as processing of building materials Originally, chance of being used in a few production models such as made-to-order one-off made in recent years as there is an effect of the hall has been increasing.

Momose thermowood

Momose thermowood

Left thermophilus maple / maple right

There are two points big advantage of using thermo-wood to the instrument.

1. Dimensional stability

the cornerstone just for guitar-based is used as an instrument “neck”. By using the thermo wood here, it is possible to reduce the risk of warpage than a neck member in general.


2. Changes in sound quality

There is also a point of view which is subjected to processing of the thermo-wood, to “a state that was allowed to proceed for the aging force” the wood strengthened antiseptic and dimensional stability, changes in the sound quality to be worried about for the instrument user.

Rich in harmonics is wood that has been thermo wood processing, it becomes the one element that produces the sound crisp.

In combination with ash body + Thermo wood maple, high-low sounds more forcefully, nuances of picking and Vol · Tone control is output expressively further.

During processing thermowood

During processing thermowood

During processing

Wood by the processing of the thermo-wood, tinged color of brown has a unique texture. Rather than the processing of only the surface, Thermo Wood is permeated with this brown to the inside of the timber.


In addition, there is a unique fragrance for a while after-processing instrument After completion, I will no longer gradually.

Maple on Left, Thermodwood on Right

Maple on Left, Thermodwood on Right

Maple left / right Thermo Wood

Subjected to thermo wood processing to only wood that you may de-visor product, effect is high, I have been using.

That is, such as Honduras mahogany African mahogany used maple materials used to the neck, to acoustic guitar.


We will go into production this product at any time observed benefits due to while performing sample production currently, using the thermo-wood.


Please try with a talent that can be a new axis of di visor product “Thermo Wood” product specification.

Navigator N-LP/480 LTD Guitar

Here is my 2013 Navigator NLP-480 LTD Lemon Drop guitar. Navigators are considered by many to be the absolute pinnacle of the best Les Paul you can buy at any price. This one costs 504,000 yen from Japan.

Here’s a link to more information on Navigator Guitars, and several of the Navigator catalogs. Note Navigator is the custom shop of ESP, the highest line they make.

Specifications from the Navigator by ESP Guitars website:

BODY (Top) Hard Maple, (Back) Honduras Mahogany 
w / Ivory Binding
NECK Honduras Mahogany
FINGERBOARD Honduras Rosewood, 22frets w / Ivory Binding
SCALE 624mm
NUT (width) Bone (43mm)
FRET # 213
INLAY Pearloid Dish
JOINT Set-neck (deep joint)
PICKUPS (Neck) Seymour Duncan SH-55n 
(Bridge) Seymour Duncan SH-55b
CONTROL Volume & Tone neck, Bridge Volume & Tone 
Toggle PU Selector
BRIDGE Vintage type TUNE-MATIC, Aluminum Tailpiece
FINISH Lacquer
PRICE 504,000 yen (Include TAX)
with Hard Case (HC-250NLP)

In the Navigator N-LP series, at the junction of the neck and body, I adopt a deep joint with excellent strength. In addition, the neck set angle design to three times. With these, I realize tone and nuance that you have a sharp non-cloudy peculiar to a vintage, clear sense of attack by moderate tension, the rich overtones. And is not forget, reliable technology uncompromising woodworking craftsman. The first time, Navigator sound to life is is born Only with beautiful finish and is born from the work of the perseverance of the painting craftsman, the careful work of the assembly craftsman infuse soul to the instrument at the end. 
The N-LP-480LTD, colored by bleaching body top surface (hard maple). In the eyes stop back material (Hong Duras mahogany), use the Red Wood Filter, we are further enhancing the tasteful texture.

Color choices:

Cherry Sunburst Honey Sunburst Lemon Drop