YOUR cool guitars

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Feel free to post pictures of your collection or really cool guitars below. I’d love to see what you have. You can use html tags to link to your pictures stored on sites like photobucket, flickr, picasaweb, etc.

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  1. New Amp Day! 1978 Fender Princeton Reverb!

  2. Mid-90’s Wine Red Orville Les Paul Special with Lollards P-90’s

  3. Hello~You have some great instruments in your collection. If you ever consider selling your Heritage H157, drop me an email.

    Take care.

  4. Is the 68 1275 original? How much are you asking? THanks..kerry

    • Hi:
      Yes, it’s 100% all original, untouched, and near mint! The dealer I bought it from said it’s the only one with all the Jimmy Page features he’s ever seen. The only other one close to this is for sale by a dealer for over $22,000.

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