Burny Super Grade RLG 1981 or 1982

SOLD! To Cliff in Maui. Enjoy Cliff!
1981/2 Burny Supergrade RLG 150 lawsuit era Les Paul.
Burnys are very high quality Les Pauls. This one has a birds-eye maple top, something I’ve only seen once before. It has a nitro finish, and fret edge binding. These are features you will only find on custom shop Les Pauls at more than double the price.
I love the pickups in this Burny! It has some play wear – there are dings and scratches, and the frets have some wear as well. (You don’t need to pay someone $2000 to age the guitar for you, its already been aged). The 30+ year old top (looks to be a solid top) makes it sing and sustain.
After doing much research on the web and in forums, last year Burny expert Jacco was kind enough to identify it as a Burny RLG150. He said the pot codes date to 1981, making it one of the earliest 82 Burny SuperGrade RLGs.
The guitar came from one of the largest vintage Japanese dealers in Europe, and cost me $1802 to get it here.
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