Guitar neck back profiles


Back Contour is the profile or grip shape of the neck. How much wood does it take to fill up your hand? Too little equates to quicker hand fatigue. Too much is even worse, you can’t reach around it. Do you play thumb over? Check out your favorite guitar and compare its neck thickness, (fingerboard face to the back of the neck), to the ones below.

NOTE: Some neck types have limited options of back contours available.

Standard Back Contours

Available at no extra cost

1st fret 12th fret Similar back contours
0.800″ 0.850″ Fender® American Standard Strat® or Tele®
1.0″ 1.0″ Vintage Tele® (52 Reissue)
1.0″ 1.0″ Vintage Fender® Deep U

Custom Back Contours

Available for $35 extra

1st fret 12th fret Similar back contours
0.835″ 0.970″
Asymmetric contour
Early Fender® Stevie Ray Vaughan signature Strat®
0.850″ 0.940″ Early Fender® Eric Clapton signature Strat®
0.815″ 0.940″
Asymmetric contour
Peavey® Wolfgang®
0.750″ 0.820″ Ibanez® Wizard II neck
0.860″ 0.960″ 1959 Gibson® Les Paul

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